150 pictures of fabulous Saipan

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(Paddling home to Saipan with a preposition ready ship in the background.)

Monagaha Island is rated 2nd among the world's best beaches and is a playground for hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly.

And a picture is worth a thousand words, windsurfing  Micro Beach , Saipan, CNMI

Saipan's Grotto is rated the number 2 scuba dive site on the planet for nearly a decade, chasing the Blue Corner dive in Palau.

Or if golf is your thing, we have 4 seaside masterpieces where you can play links style wind in tropical temperture. (blow Ron Hodges at the 14th tee of Kingfisher Golf Course, Saipan, CNMI)

Of course history buffs will have plenty do visiting and exploring the aftermath of the Battle of Saipan. 
(L - Last Command Post, Saipan)
And no day on Saipan is complete without a Saipan sunset!

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